2020 Edinburgh
Harmonica Workshop
22-24 May

About Tomlin

I’m Tomlin – a Blues Harmonica teacher based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thanks to the wonders of the internet I’m able to teach students all over the world through my free YouTube lessons and Premium Online Harmonica School.

My main focus is making it easy for students to get up on stage and discover the joy of improvisation and jamming with other musicians. I also want to open them up to all of the different facets of this wonderful little instrument.

About Liam

This is Liam – he won National Harmonica League Player of the Year, and fronts his own band, The Liam Ward Band, as well as playing with the Rumblestrutters and The Jake Leg Jug Band among others.


Liam has appeared and recorded in Europe and North America with artists including Minor Blues and Mike Nagoda, and is adept at blues, rock, pop, country, jazz and more.

About Harry

This is Harry – a Blues Guitarist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He teaches guitar at his music school – Strollers Music School.

He has played in many different corporate, functions and originals bands and is an expert Musical Director. This is a role he currently holds in his band Delacroix who will be the house band for the weekend.

I am very excited to announce that we will be running the Edinburgh Harmonica Workshop again in 2020 from 22nd to 24th May in Edinburgh Scotland.

► Different Format

Due to popular demand I have decided to change the set up of the event slightly. I’ve made the classes more intimate and given more focus to jamming.

There will only be 32 slots for students to keep the class sizes nice and intimate.

► Topic – Jamming

The event will be focussing on giving you practical tools to help you with jamming with other musicians, whether you have already got experience of this or have never played with another person.

► Teachers

The weekend will feature performances and workshops led by Liam Ward, Harry Higgs and Tomlin Leckie.

► Opening Night Performance

We will welcome you to Edinburgh with an evening featuring sets from Tomlin and Liam backed up by Delacroix (the house band).

►Jam Session

As well as tons of jamming during the day there will be the opportunity to get up on stage to jam with Delacroix and the teachers.

► Venue

All of the evening events and workshops will take place at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh, Scotland.

► Tickets

Tickets for the weekend are limited to just 32 so that we can keep it nice and intimate.

Tickets cost £250 and include Lunch on Saturday and Sunday at The Voodoo Rooms – (TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE)


22nd May​ (Friday)

23rd May (Saturday)

24th May (Sunday)


I will be presenting everything you need to get started jamming Blues Harmonica with a band. We’ll be using some classic Blues forms such as 12 Bar Blues, One-Chord Blues and Hook-based Blues. There will be lots of playing as a group and individually so that you feel comfortable getting up on stage.

I will be using Blues Standards examples to show you how how you can support a singer. We will look at playing around the singer as well as playing under the singer but never playing over the singer.

I will be discussing strategies for controlling stage anxiety (and sharing some of my own jam failures!) in order to equip you with the confidence to play in a jam setting.

I will be sharing tips on picking the right song, playing tastefully and using stagecraft to help you get the best out of every jam opportunity, and make your performance stand out from the crowd.

Harry and Delacroix will be showing you how to communicate with a band and while Tomlin and Liam will show you how to get started with amplified harmonica playing.

Come join us for an unforgettable weekend of harmonica with other harmonica enthusiasts…



– Just starting out and struggling to play clean single notes
– Not entirely sure how far up and down the harmonica you need to go to move between holes
– You want to master relatively simple melodies so you have something to play for your family
– Your rhythm is wobbly and you have trouble tapping a steady beat with your foot
– You’re not entirely sure what a 12 bar blues is but you know one when you hear it

Advanced Beginner
– Feeling a bit more confident and coordinated
– Your rhythm is a bit more solid during simpler passages but still not “rock solid”
– You have started bending a little on the 4 draw
– You have tried to jam a little over a 12 bar blues but you play the same safe things over and over

– You can bend 4 and 2 holes but your 3 hole doesn’t sound as bluesy as you would like it to be
– You can play simple melodies no problem
– You have jammed a little bit over CDs or bands and are reasonably comfortable with a 12 bar blues structure but you are not entirely sure which notes apart from the root notes work best
– You sound bluesy to your friends and family but you are aware that there is more…
– You are ready to start learning more musical knowledge

Advanced Intermediate
– You can do all the draw bends and have done a little bit of blow bending
– You have a bunch of cool techniques to hand such as warbles, glissandos, chugging, tongue-blocking
– 12 bar blues feel natural now and you can even jam over weird blues structures without too much trouble
– When you solo you feel like you are playing it safe
– You are really happy in 2nd position but want to open up to more positions on the harmonica and get more in-depth musical knowledge